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Full Moon Hikes with Geraldine

Upcoming Schedule of Full Moon hikes:

Thursday, January 28 @ 5:30 pm

40th St. & Shea Dreamy Draw Entrance Gate (Phoenix)

Saturday, February 27 @ 5:30pm

40th St. & Shea Dreamy Draw Entrance Gate (Phoenix)

Sunday, March 28 @ 6:00pm

40th St. & Shea Dreamy Draw Entrance Gate (Phoenix)

Monday, April 26 @ 7:30pm

40th St. & Shea Dreamy Draw Entrance Gate (Phoenix)

Customized Guided Hikes & Tours


Helen B

Wonderful experience! The views were gorgeous, and our guide Niko was fantastic! He was personable, funny, and was a font of well-rounded information about the area, including geology, anthropology, history, varied spiritual backgrounds, and even alien! Would highly recommend!


Niko was our guide and it was an awesome, educational, mind expanding, and super interesting experience. He took care to learn all our names (9 on our tour). He was knowledgeable about the flora all around us and thoroughly explained the ideas behind the vortices and the energy abounding in Sedona. He made the zen experience come to life. And being able to experience the copper rods was fun and exciting!

Julie Snyder

This tour was the BEST one ever. Niko was knowledgeable and fun. We enjoyed our tour so much, we called and booked another with Niko the next day.

Jolene J

I'm sure all the guides are wonderful, but Niko was so personal and his knowledge on Sedona was amazing. He made the experience so unforgettable and took some great pictures of us.

Garrett B

Niko was super friendly and knowledgeable about the vortexes. Learned some cool new things! No wonder the rest of our group specifically asked for Niko.

Maria S

Our guide, Niko, was super nice and entertaining the whole ride. It was a very quick drive through the streets so almost all the tour was off road and it was bumpy and a great time. The view from the top was amazing and it was great learning about Sedona’s history (human and geologic), nature, culture, energy, the whole works. We were both super happy we decided to go and felt lucky to have Niko as our guide. Highly recommended!

Miriam S

Niko was amazing! He took the time to explain and show us everything. He let us experience the magnetic power of Sedona. He allowed us to taste and smell nature all while making the ride exciting! 

Mirisa R

Our experience was amazing, thank you to Niko for the tour! He was down to earth and very relaxing tour guide!!

Sarah Maki

Niko was absolutely amazing and he had so much great knowledge to share. It was by far the highlight of my Sedona trip. It is such a good value for the price. And much more of a personal experience. 10/10 recommend! And definitely try to get Niko if you are interested in seeing the vortexes.


Niko was our tour guide and the absolute best! He was so knowledgeable and passionate about the vortexes and Sedona in general. We had an awesome experience and were provided with lots of information to continue exploring. I only wish we had more time. We’ll be sure to return!!!


Niko was great! Very knowledgeable and the perfect guide for this trip. I learned a lot about the energy forces in the area but also about the native people, plants, wildlife and history of the area. I highly recommend this trip.


Niko, our guide, was fantastic. The perfect mix of informative, fun, and interactive. He was great keeping our kids involved the entire time and teaching them about the areas history. Us adults could enjoy our time and also take in the info and scenery. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide and experience. Thank you, sincerely, Niko, for making a ‘forever’ memory for us.


This tour was a beautiful combination of mystical and historical. Niko, our tour guide, was knowledgable, friendly and brought spiritual depth to the experience. I certainly felt a reaction to the vortexes and the views were amazing!

Jennifer L

I was surprised by how much my family and I enjoyed this experience! Niko was an incredible guide, tailored the tour to our interests, and shared dozens of memorable stories about the area. His knowledge and passion for Sedona made every moment of this tour interesting. Not to mention the incredible views! Great option for kids! Mine were begging to go back the next night!

Yady C

What a great experience. We had a wonderful time. Our tour guide Niko was a wealth of knowledge. Sedona is a beautiful places!!

Jessica M

This was awesome!! We had Niko as our guide and he was so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does!! I highly suggest asking for him as your tour guide! Great experience!

Silvia V

It was a great experience, our family loved it. Our tour guide Niko was super informative and made great conversation. The vortexes were great and all the views were even better.

CF Shupe

Niko took us on a great Vortex tour. Saw many spots of Sedona. Learned alot about Sedona's history. We would request Niko again. Great time.


Custom Sedona Tours

Why visit Sedona with me?

Sedona is more than just beautiful red rocks and zen living. It is one of the sacred joints of our entire planet. The vortexes are more than just some silly hippy marketing ploy - they are electro-magnetic energy fields that literally soothe the body and calm the nervous system. Sedona's wildlife and plant life is abundant, because the entire region sits upon thousands of freshwater springs and an aquifer the size of Rhode Island. The pre-historic indigenous people who once lived there conducted sacred rites, built cliff dwellings that once housed over 10,000 residents in the sacred Seven Canyons, and had developed agricultural, medicinal, mapping and storytelling technology that allowed them to flourish beyond anything modern-day man thought possible. It is my absolute joy to bring Sedona to life with you on one of my custom walking or driving tours. We can go for as little as 2 hours or we can spend 2 days exploring. 

I recommend Niko highly. Very intuitive and knows his craft. Spent time with him on the land a few times and he loves what he does.

Brad K

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