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The time spent during our Monday calls has made a significant impact on my wellbeing. I have noticed an increase in my calmness and response to outside stressors which has made a remarkable difference in the quality of my relationships.

Adrian P

The Monday breathwork group has been great for me. An opportunity to share with other men who are all on different journeys while we practice and focus on the most central function of our lives, our breathing.

Kubari E

I found myself in a situation in life that was due to a series of choices I made against my better judgment that put me in a place of depression and anxiety. I was shown breathwork by Niko and it made a huge difference with the discomfort I was experiencing even after just our first session. I recommend this to anyone that is experiencing the same or similar issues as I did.

David M

Testimonials: Testimonials

We found Niko on a visit to Sedona. He was our Vortex tour guide but I could not have imagined how easily I would connect with him & I was thrilled when he mentioned his coaching practice. I couldn't schedule my appointment fast enough & couldn't be more grateful that I did!

Despite my doubts about a Zoom session for such a thing, he was incredibly intuitive, even picking up a spot on physical cue I was experiencing & this is only the tip of the iceberg.

His gentle, patient, process was exactly what I needed & cut to the chase but also allowed me to kind of discover it myself.
Spot on!
Don't miss this opportunity.

Chris C

My brother, thank you for this. It was unexpected but received with much gratitude. It's been something that's been on my mind about going back into the world with all of my personal ammunition necessary to continue and my gentle navigation of situations, love and communication with the world. I can't thank you enough for helping me to navigate all the emotions and things that have come up while I've been here. And I also appreciate that you patiently pulled me back in when I kind of lost my way. Thank you so much! 

Marc V

Testimonials: Testimonials

Hi Niko! I just wanted to reach out & tell you how much I appreciate your profound words. I've never experienced anything like the messages/advice you gave me. They went straight to my soul. It was like looking in your eyes told me you could actually feel the pain I've been dealing with. It was mind-blowing & life changing, frankly. The word that keeps coming to mind is grateful. I'm SO grateful to have met you Niko. You have so many powerful gifts that can change lives.

Kristen C

Quotation Marks

Niko is an incredible person and he makes you feel like family. He's an attentive listener and always responds with loving advice from the heart. He promotes growth with honest wisdom that may not always be coddling, but challenges are what catalyze growth. He is the real deal if you are seeking spiritual growth.

Beacon L

Quotation Marks

Within minutes of meeting me Niko saw into the essence of my spirit with all its natural strengths and weaknesses, helping me see the uncluttered path to the more balanced and fulfilled self I had been seeking. 

Dr. Stephan S.

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