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Started in 2019, we are committed to providing men from all walks of life with a safe, compassionate forum where they can build their inner strength and heal their relationships. We focus on learning and sharing breathwork modalities, while practicing open-minded sharing and impartial support for one another. To learn more about us and stay in the loop, find us on



Oath of Confidentiality

This group is founded on a commitment to confidentiality and the utmost respect. Dishonesty, gossip and judginess have no place in our held spaces. 

We're Expanding Our Reach!

After more than a year of successful meetings, we're ready to bring our mission to others in the Valley. If you or someone you know would like to start your own BwB pod, reach out and we'll find a space for your crew to meet and get you started under Niko's facilitation. Stay tuned here for announcements of new Valley groups or visit our Facebook Group page 

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Join us every Monday at 7pm Arizona Time for an hour of guided breathwork and male bonding. Mondays are Mandayz around here! Brothers from all over the world learn methods for sharing open and honest feelings in a supportive, non-judging environment. Learn interesting and engaging breathwork tools that increase your calm and vitality. Share your thoughts and discoveries with the group. After the group shares and guided work, we also have the opportunity for breakout sessions if time permits.

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