Specializing in teaching clients modalities that will positively tune their energy, leading to a greater feeling of clarity and fulfillment in daily life with little added effort


A Discussion/Demonstration of Energy Work and Relational Healing



One-to-one counseling and coaching has been my passion since 2007. I have worked with thousands of individuals to create action plans, to develop modes of coping, and to realize deeper truths about their innermost desires and how to make them a reality. 

After working through my own relationship traumas I began to translate this method of harnessing energy healing and deep inner work to clients. 

This started my true healer's journey. Instead of falling back on the coaching and teaching tools I had been using, I built upon energy work and deep inner trauma healing. I am Reiki certified and have studied (ongoing) at the Academy of Inner Science with collective trauma healing groups. I have multiple certifications in other brain and self-healing courses of study and have been practicing meditation and breathwork regularly since 2001.​

"Purification in Oak Creek"

Photo credit: Paul Porras, Sedona, AZ, 2020


"The Three Horses"
photo credit: Niko Baker, Apache Springs Ranch, Arizona, 2016