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Specializing in supporting those in the healing and helping professions through energy work and guidance practices 

A Discussion/Demonstration of Energy Work and Relational Healing



One-to-one counseling and coaching has been my passion since 2007. I have worked with thousands of individuals to create action plans, to develop modes of coping, and to realize deeper truths about their innermost desires and how to make them a reality. 

After working through my own relationship traumas I began to translate this method of harnessing energy healing and deep inner work to clients. 

Through energy work, trauma healing and coaching, I am called to work with people who have spent a good deal of their lives helping and healing others. Operating outside of the psychotherapy and traditional pharmaceutical interventions, we co-create a healing and recovery process that works uniquely for you.

"Purification in Oak Creek"

Photo credit: Paul Porras, Sedona, AZ, 2020


"The Three Horses"
photo credit: Niko Baker, Apache Springs Ranch, Arizona, 2016

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