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Chris C

"Despite my doubts about a Zoom session for such a thing, Niko was incredibly intuitive, even picking up a spot on physical cue I was experiencing & this is only the tip of the iceberg.

His gentle, patient, process was exactly what I needed & cut to the chase but also allowed me to kind of discover it myself."


Rejuvenate the Healer Within


Hi Niko! I just wanted to reach out & tell you how much I appreciate your profound words. I've never experienced anything like the messages/advice you gave me. They went straight to my soul. It was like looking in your eyes told me you could actually feel the pain I've been dealing with. It was mind-blowing & life changing, frankly. The word that keeps coming to mind is grateful. I'm SO grateful to have met you Niko. You have so many powerful gifts that can change lives.

Kristen C


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